Solvent Yellow 146

Solvent Yellow 146
Product Details

1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 146, S.Y.146, SY146, Solvent Yellow 4GN

2.C.I. Number: Solvent Yellow 146

CAS No:109945-04-2/94279-65-9

EC No. :304-811-3

Chemical Family: Mono azo

3.Foreign relative brand: Orasol yellow 4GN  

Lampronol yellow 3G

Bricosol yellow K3GN

4. Shade:  a yellow solvent dyes with green bright shade. It has good acid resistance, alkali resistance and temperature resistance. It can soluble in most organic solvents and has good gloss and transparency. It can slightly soluble in water. When used for painting,it can bear 180-220°C for 30 minutes.

5. Application: mainly used for printing ink, coating, bronzing, paper, leather, baking varnish etc.

6. Solubility Properties(g/L)

Melting Point(℃)


Autoignition Temperature(℃)

Approx. 310

Solubility in Water

Slight soluble

Alkali Resistance

5(5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

Alcohol Resistance

5(5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

Heat Resistance(℃)


Light Fastness(8=Excellent)


NOTE: Above data are only for reference.

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