Pigment Red 57:1

Pigment Red 57:1
Product Details

1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 57:1, P.R.57:1, PR57:1, Red 57:1, Lithol Rubine(Calcium), Lithol Rubine 4BL, Lithol Rubine 4BGL, Lithol Rubine WB, Lithol Rubine WY, Lithol Rubine 4BP, Lithol Rubine BK, Garmine Red A6B

2.C.I. Number: 15850:1

CAS Number: 5281-04-9

EU Number: 226-109-5

Chemical Family: Mono azo

3. Foreign relative brand: Lithol Rubine K 4560 (BASF)

Irgalite Rubine 4BP(CIBA)

PV Rubine L6B (HOE)

Bricofor Rubine 4B 5908 (HAYS)

Sunbrite Red 57:1 (219-0688) (SNCG)

D&C No.7 calcium Lake

Eljion Rubine 4BXG

Eupolen Red 45-6001

Foscolor Rubine 57:1

Lionol Rubine

Lithol Rubine 1316-02

Lutetia Rubine 4LDN 352

Micranyl Rubine 4BP-AQ

Symuler Brill Carmine 6B 246

Vilma Lithol Rubine BKR

4. Application: Fast Rubine Red 4BP is a calcium salt of monoazo lake red pigment, having bluish shade, with excellent dispersability and good migration resistance. It is approved by Filter Value Test, can be used in fiber grade.

Its main use is PVC, RUB, PE and powder coating.

suggested for EVA, PP, Fibre and industrial paint.

5. Molecular Structure:  

6. Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula


P.H. Value




Oil Absorption(ml/100g)%


Light Fastness


Heat Resistance


Water Resistance


Oil Resistance


Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance


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