The Key To Promote The Electric Car Revolution.

Lithium carbonate and more and more consumer electronics products linked, particularly in other commodity prices fall due to the decline in Chinese demand, electronic products are still selling, so this is especially the case. Last December, an analyst predicted that lithium will become the new gasoline, saying this product is easy to store, will become the key to promote the electric car revolution.

Lithium Carbonate price monitoring in business as of March 2 industrial-grade lithium carbonate price stable, industrial grade price 125000 Yuan/ton, battery grade price 161666 Yuan/ton, flat the previous day, but hit a record in the life cycle, representing a October 16, 2014 bottom up 223.19%.

In 2015 the price of battery grade lithium carbonate from 40,000 yuan per ton at the beginning of this year after rising to 150,000 yuan per ton this year, whether it will continue to rise in the future? that depends on conditions in the second half, part of the supply will be increased in the second half, but the gaps are the make up effects needs further observation.