Styrene Monomer Domestic Bull Market

Reported in Houston, according to the Platts energy information on March 1, the sources said, styrene tight supply in Asia helped open from United States hedge, resulting from over the world styrene prices in more than a month of low bounce.

Styrene monomer bullish market in the country with the support of Asia styrene monomer price than the price of the 26th of February 29 rose by 17.5 dollars a tonne, 1021 respectively us $/tonne (FOB Korea) and us $ 1048.5 (CFR China).

Platts energy information according to statistics published Monday price of styrene monomer (CFR China) met August 17 $ 1076.5 a tonne, the highest price since last year.

Premchand's statistics also showed that prices of styrene monomer (CFR China) a rapid rebound, January 21 per tonne $ 883.5 (CFR China), its lowest level so far this year has substantially increased 18.68%.