Recent Market Of Butadiene Sunny

It is understood that the list of recent advances and declines in petrochemical product prices gained 33.3% among the rising tally of butadiene. Analysts believe that butadiene device in March or April in parts of Asia into the focused inspection, supply tightening pattern will continue, outside market shocks firmed, rising domestic market. In addition, stock replenishment will be actively carried out, slow recovery in demand, sluggish trading conditions are expected to improve, it can be predicted that March will usher in spring in the market of butadiene.

From the supply side, starting from March in Asia some butadiene device into maintenance State and last most of time in 1-2 months, supply is significantly reduced in the early, boost, the Asian butadiene outside shock rise, CFR China has now risen to more than US $ 1000/ton. Is in March or April has part European ocean arbitrage ship goods arrived in, supply surface still tighter, support domestic market price; addition, domestic industry who hands can sale supply number limited, reluctant mood not reduction; with outside disc price continued higher, Sinopec the sales company implementation price also raised, but Sinopec supply more use mutual for mainly, export number limited, supply tighter push rose d II en market.