Propylene Glycol Market Outlook Forecast

Material: Epoxy propane market bad surface slightly larger than the positive, the market downward trend, markets will continue to fall next week, slack demand in end markets are the main factors that led to the recent price dip. Some manufacturers consider that launched in early marketing of propylene oxide demand is likely to rebound in late February, thus the intention for March there. However, the actual procurement needs and raw materials will remain the dominant market price trend in the late March can market to pick up still remains to be seen.

Dimethyl carbonate and power products: raw materials before and after the Chinese new year PO supported by continued pull up, factory goods, price up 300-500 Yuan/ton, the current market transactions, and raw materials demand is slow to start, and manufacturers still have some cheap sources of goods to be sold, individual fatories faced the dilemma of high inventory and does not rule out the possibility of cheap goods.

The supply side: recent clouds of green energy in Yulin devices February 22, stopping for a week of maintenance, Jiangsu linggu appliance Park on Friday, and other factory equipment is functioning properly, the market supply of good support.

The demand side: 2016 remains optimistic about domestic economic situation, greater impact on the chemical industry as a whole, final demand and raw materials can be sustained effectively follow up is not yet known.

Overall, short of propylene glycol and demand constraints do not digest the gains mainly in raw materials, longer term, still rebounding space and raw materials demand and export orders will need to be restored, and trend of propylene glycol.