Propylene Glycol Chill To Extend Rally

After the new year, propylene glycol with rising raw material and needs to restore the factory spring, manufacturers offer high, has a somewhat auspicious start.

Raw material propylene oxide from before the Festival began a steady recovery after return continues to pull up the market, first weekend has rebounded more than thousand Yuan, propylene glycol plant inertia with rising raw materials offer high, seemed to usher in a monkey to a great start. Recently, after entering this week, poor PO shipment of raw materials under the influence of market rose back to propylene glycol market, costs decline in support.

Material PO before pull up individual plant of propylene glycol cancelled a planned maintenance during the Spring Festival. Wells during the Festival, Germany Kim Tae-Tongling, universal device to stop the remaining devices are functioning, after steady growth in industry stocks in sections of the former, certainly puts pressure on supply. But since most before section shipment is good, and the post-holiday market still expected industry, which supports a positive Outlook, coupled with sharply higher raw materials, supported by post-holiday return manufacturers actively to raise quote from mentality should not be neglected.

Despite lower demand steadily warmer, but the overall level was below industry expectations, after the Lunar, buy gas and raw materials has not improved significantly, propylene glycol ship standoff feedback to upstream raw material markets, poor propylene oxide demand constraints, open the slide channel as "Magnolia open and chill" propylene glycol chill, it is difficult to extend gains.