National PTA And Polyester Plant Operating Rates Or Will Both Enter The Recovery Channel

Into March, with the arrival of peak season for traditional polyester, National PTA and polyester device starts or both into the back channel, but market trend whether usher "Spring" needed with downstream terminal needs the strength of the recovery.

From the perspective of PTA

Late in accordance with the maintenance schedule of the National PTA, except for individual sets of small devices outside a brief overhaul, so far has not heard of any large appliance repair plans. Following plans for March domestic PTA device restart time:

1. sanfangxiang Helen petrochemical a 1.2 million ton/year of PTA units are currently heard in March plans.

2. Jiangyin hanbang II 2.2 million tons/year of PTA units are currently in the process of testing the new, stable operation plan in mid-March before and after implementation.

3.3#220 million tons/year of PTA unit Ningbo, Yi sheng plans to restart in early March.

Above the total in March to restart or new device at the 5.6 million tons per year, while accidents if no domestic emergencies unit, domestic PTA is expected in March with an average load, or upgrade to 70% or horizontally.