From The Perspective Of Polyester

By the end of February with polyester factory loads slowly improve, polyester load back up to around 68%, in sections of the former rose 8%, and into March, according to statistics from treasure island, still have about 3.7 million tons of polyester unit plans to restart, it starts or are expected to rebound to the level of 73%-75%.

The above analysis shows that current pet market chill fading, the whole market sentiment seems to be rising. Addition from industry chain angle,, polyester raw materials mentality in 2015 end of on performance good, especially on ethylene glycol,, from December 2015 early oversold rebound zhihou, around device and the supply, series factors, has repeatedly continued has 2 months, as currently, domestic ethylene glycol price more last year December early price rose 1200 Yuan/tons around; phase compared,, another a raw materials PTA trend may relative partial weak.