Domestic Short Supply Of Butadiene

Fushun petrochemical prices since early February about 5000 Yuan/ton and gradually rose to the present level of 6300 Yuan/ton (since February, or 26%, on February 23 by 650/ton, one-day or 11.5%). February 24, Sinopec 400 Yuan/tons of butadiene in central China, North China increase by 500 yuan per ton, South of Maoming petrochemical company and Guangzhou petrochemical up 300 yuan/ton, East of Yangzi petrochemical, Yamba, Shanghai petrochemical and zhenhai refining and chemical butadiene price increase by 300 yuan per ton, are executed at 6500 Yuan/ton. February 26-Liao Tong chemical butadiene (120,000 metric tons) reserve price auction raised 500 Yuan/ton Executive 6510/ton, manufacturer inventories is not high.

Overall, domestic butadiene in short supply, and the private rubber enterprise device restart, increased demand, so prices sharply higher, the market rose. Weakness in some factories and raw materials buyers have, will restrict the pace of butadiene. Is expected, due to the relationship between supply and demand has not been substantial settlement, butadiene price still has upside.