Molybdate Red

Molybdate Red
Product Details

1.Synonyms: Molybdate Red, Molybdate Chrome Red, chrome vermilion, horna molybdate orange mlh 84sq, krolor orange rko 786d, Molybdate Orange, Pigment Red 104, P.R.104, PR104

2.C.I. Number: 77605

CAS Number: 12656-85-8

Chemical Family: Inorganic Pigment

3. Application: Molybdate Red (Molybdate Orange )is an inorganic pigment composed by lead molybdate, lead chromate and lead sulfate which has bright colour shade,high hiding power and tinting strength, excellent water, wax, solvent resistance and good acid, alkali fastness. The colour range is from orange to red. It can be used for coating, paint, plastic, ink etc.

4. Molecular Formula: xPbCrO4·yPbSO4·ZPbMoO4

5. Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

Note: ● Recommended ◎ Suggested use

Fastness Properties (5=Execllent, 1=Poor), Light Fastness (8=Excellent)

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