Light Chrome Yellow

Light Chrome Yellow
Product Details

1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 34, P.Y.34, PY34, Lead chromate, Light chrome Yellow, Low chrome Yellow

2.C.I. Number: 77603/77600

CAS Number: 1344-37-2

EU Number: 215-693-7

Chemical Family: Inorganic Pigment

3. Appearance: Light yellow powder. It is Bright color, strong tinting strength, high hiding, with good light fastness and dispersibility.

4. Application: Solvent-based paint: Alkydresin, Amino-baking, N/C , Epoxy;

Plastic: Masterbatch, cable material, plastic pipe and plastic film and sheet etc.

Suggested for polyurethane paint, architectural coatings, water based coatings, color paste, leather, stationery and rubber.

5. Molecular Structure:  

6. Molecular Formula: PbCrO4

7. Molecular Weight: 323.19

8. Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

Lead Chromate (%)


P.H. of water extract


Oil Absorption(ml/100g)%


Linseed Oil Fastness


Water Fastness


Light Fastness


Heat Resistance


105℃ Volatile Matter (%)


Water Soluble Matter (%)


Residue on Sieve(45μm) %


Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance


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