Sanyou chemical on resumption of trading increased by 1.8 billion raise industry

Sanyou chemical suspended several days (600409) Thursday trading to resume trading, more than 430,000, to 7.62 Yuan.

Yesterday (March 2) night, the company announcement said the company no less than 5.7 yuan per share, issued no more than 316 million shares, amounting to not more than 1.8 billion yuan to raise funds, fund-raising net amounts after deducting the cost of issue will be used for 200,000 tons/year of functional, differential viscose staple fiber projects as well as additional liquidity amounted to 2 projects.

This private issue for the alkali industry includes the company's controlling shareholder group, the specific object of no more than 10 investors. Alkali industry group to be 180 million yuan of cash involved in the subscription of the shares issued.