Plus Ça change

Along with China's economic strength grows, upgrade the manufacturing level of, made surveying instruments overall quality has been greatly improved. This upgrade, contribute essentially to the massive growth in exports of domestic surveying and mapping instruments. Especially after 2010, with total stations, for example, China's exports of total station instrument in more than 10 languages, export structure from a Prism attachment to the total station, then to the GNSS exports witnessed a gradual and balanced development of the situation.

2008 was a turning point, domestic total station has made development of. Surveying and mapping of the South took the lead in range integrates parts from the original three-plate as a Board, shifted from infrared laser range finder, which escalated into the absolute. Upgraded high maturity of total station for export provided sophisticated weapons, coupled with high cost performance, low-end domestic total station surveying instruments the main export.

After 3 years of research, survey and mapping of the South break surveying instruments manufacturers with the technical barriers in foreign countries. After 2009, the RTK performance stabilized, precision break centimeters. In 2010, South surveying instruments exports exceeded billion yuan mark, the successful implementation of the transfer of technology and product focus. A comprehensive, region-wide, multi-branding, multi-level structure of domestic surveying and mapping instruments go out of shape.

On the journey west, Ma Chao summary: export needs accumulation step by step, is the rush thing. If we had no step by step in the strategy to stabilise, to input, is not determined to grow bigger and won't go today. South instrument in the way of exports show open, confident, inclusive and adaptive is the epitome of domestic surveying and mapping instruments export pioneers, explorers.