Decade of gold rush

South instrument formerly began by doing foreign trade. Foreign trade accumulated with the first bucket of gold, the company began the development of exports of domestic surveying instruments, from the water level to the total station and RTK export and internationalization dream steps winding pursuit of surveying and mapping of the South, through frustration.

In September 2003, the General Manager Ma Chao took 3 total station 1, Theodolites, 2 level in making the exhibition in Germany, this is the first universal exhibition of surveying and mapping of the South, surveying instruments manufacturers, China is also the first appearance on the world stage. Exhibiting a toss for the first time, touch road, renting a booth, Ma Chao led color pages.

The following spring, Ma Chao led and participated in the United States and Japan hold professional exhibitions, in the GIM and POB two major professional magazine advertising. Just this year, Chinese memory of surveying and mapping of the South took the lead in the introduction of whole-station instrument in Japan exhibit causing a stir

With three exhibition games and two magazines, contacted more than more than 100 dealers of surveying and mapping of the South. At that time, very few Chinese people and Chinese exhibitors. 11 years later, Chao recalled: these dealers laid the Foundation of South instrument to explore overseas markets, up to now they are still one of our most committed partners.

To explore overseas markets, to establish a solid base, Ma Chao decided to survey instrument developed in Frankfurt, New York and other places to set up offices. However, in tongde dealer contact among America, Japan found that the effect of this is generally marginal. Gold rush in a totally strange foreign markets requires not only courage, more discretion. After the defeat in a brief, Ma Chao promptly adjusting the direction will mainly aim at developing countries such as South-East Asia and Central and South America. In Viet Nam, and India established a number of branches, market development to dig deeper, and sold rapidly.